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Dr. Toral Patel at Dermatology + Aesthetics is your leading source for medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology services in Chicago.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Our cosmetic dermatology services at D+A Streeterville are designed to help you achieve the skin you’ve always wanted. We offer a range of non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments, including  laser treatments and chemical peels to address concerns such as wrinkles, dark spots, acne, and even unwanted body fat.

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Medical Dermatology

We’re committed to providing exceptional medical dermatology services to comprehensively address a wide range of skin conditions. Our board-certified dermatologists have the skills and experience to diagnose and treat eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, skin cancer, and more.

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Surgical Dermatology

Our surgical dermatology services are aimed at providing comprehensive care for various skin conditions that require surgical intervention. Our team of board-certified dermatologic surgeons has the skills to perform procedures such as skin cancer excisions and biopsies.

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Your Streeterville Area Dermatologist

Previously D&A Dermatology, we’re located in the heart of Chicago, and our team brings full-service dermatology care to Streeterville, River North, The Loop, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and all surrounding neighborhoods. Our practice is working together to realize a shared vision of uncompromising excellence in dermatology.

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Monday: 8am – 4pm
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Meet Our Providers

Our local providers are top Chicago dermatologists and advanced practice providers with extensive experience in general and cosmetic dermatology care with your health and best interest in mind.

Toral Patel, MD
Board Certified Dermatologist
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Dr. Patel is a board-certified dermatologist who has been in practice since 2008. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a B.A. in Economics, and then received her Master’s Degree in Biotechnology from Northwestern University. She graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin and went on to complete a clinical research fellowship in Dermatology and psoriasis at Loyola University, followed by residency training in Dermatology at Loyola, where she also served as chief resident.
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Taylor A. Denk, MSN, FNP-BC
Dermatology Nurse Practitioner
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We are thrilled to welcome Taylor as a Nurse Practitioner! She will soon be accepting new patients needing treatment for medical dermatology issues at both Bucktown and Streeterville locations.
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Dionne Martin
Licensed Aesthetician
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After earning her aesthetics diploma from Dudley Beauty College, Dionne pursued additional education in advanced medical aesthetics and laser certification at TrueU University. She treats all skin types and conditions using the most advanced skin care systems available. Dionne is certified and experienced in hair removal, brow shaping, non-traumatic chemical peels, anti-aging treatments, and advanced exfoliation techniques such as ultrasonic peels and dermaplaning.
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Transform Your Skin with Customized Peels

Experience a renewed glow at our Chicago dermatology clinic in Streeterville, where chemical peels are effectively administered to reveal your skin’s inner radiance. Our practitioners customize peel formulas suited to your unique skin type and concerns, whether it’s fine lines, pigmentation issues, or acne scars. With a commitment to safety and comfort, we help you uncover a smoother, more youthful complexion.

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Accepted Insurances

We want you to be able to take advantage of the services we offer, no matter what insurance you have. We accept several major health plans and are always expanding our list of accepted insurance plans. Our staff is highly trained in working with insurance providers and navigating the complexities of health care coverage.

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Why Choose D+A Streeterville?

If you’re seeking exceptional dermatology care, D+A Streeterville is the place to be. Our team of board-certified dermatologists and skilled aestheticians are dedicated to helping you achieve your skin health goals.

Friendly staff, they have great recommendations on products to use and I feel safe and comfortable coming here and being myself and asking questions. 10/10

Angela T.

Dr. Patel is fantastic. Kind, empathetic, thorough, and efficient - she makes the annual mole check a breeze. The new office space is very easy to navigate.

Stefanie W.

I highly recommend Dr. Patel and her staff! I had such a wonderful experience there. From making my appointment over the phone, to check out, each experience was 5 stars! The atmosphere is friendly, helpful, and professional.

Katie B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have provided answers to some of the most common questions asked by patients about skin health and care. Our goal is to provide you with information that will help you make informed decisions about your skin health and beauty needs.

What dermatology treatments does our practice specialize in?

We offer a variety of skin care services to help with issues like acne, rashes, lesions, rosacea, skin growths, eczema, skin cancer identification and treatment, and much more.

What cosmetic dermatology treatments does our practice specialize in?

We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments to help with wrinkles, fine lines, scars, skin tightening, unwanted hair and more. Check out a complete list of our services on our website.

Why choose a board-certified dermatologist?

Trust your skin care to a professional. Board-certified dermatologists have completed medical school and three to four years of advanced medical training in diseases of the skin, hair and nails. They’ve passed rigorous exams in dermatology to specialize in treating over 3,000 conditions. They’ve also made the commitment to keep up on the latest advanced in dermatology.

Why choose a fellowship-trained cosmetic dermatologist?

Fellowship-trained cosmetic dermatologists spend an extra year of specialized training learning in-depth evaluation of the skin, performing specialized procedures, and managing patients to ensure excellent results. By choosing our practice, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality of cosmetic care with ideal outcomes.

How can I make or reschedule an appointment?

Scheduling or updating an appointment is easy. Simply give us a call or you can make an appointment on our website.

How can I prepare for my dermatology appointment?

If coming for your first visit, please bring your insurance card, if applicable, and a legal guardian if you are under the age of 18. Please come prepared to provide your health history on your new patient paperwork as well.

What should I expect during my initial consultation?

Your first visit begins with a consultation with your board-certified dermatologist. Prior to care, we will get your health history and perform a clinical evaluation of the skin to determine which treatment options are the best fit. We will customize both a treatment plan and a skin care regimen if desired. Important pre- and post-treatment instructions will also be provided to accompany most treatments.

What insurances do you accept?

We accept a variety of major insurances for your skin care. We have example of insurances we accept on our website. If you don’t see your insurance listed, please contact us and we will verify if we accept. Any cosmetic procedures or products purchased in our office are out-of-pocket expenses that will not be covered by insurance; our staff will ensure that you are fully informed of all of these expenses prior to obtaining your consent for the procedure. To avoid the unpleasant surprise of an unexpected medical bill, please ask to speak to a member of our billing department before your visit if you have any questions or concerns about insurance coverage of your scheduled procedure.

What is the difference between a deductible, copay and coinsurance?

All three are medical charges you must pay out of your own pocket, even if you have insurance. Deductibles are a specific amount you must accumulate and pay each year of covered health services before benefits are provided by your carrier. Plans may also have separate individual and family deductibles and/or deductibles for separate services. Copayments are a set fee the member pays to providers at the time services are provided. Copays are applied to office visits, emergency room visits, hospital admissions, etc. Coinsurance is a form of cost sharing. After your deductible has been met, plan will begin paying a percentage of your bills. The remaining amount, known as co-insurance, is the portion due by the patient.

How does your patient portal work?

With our patient portal, you can access and manage your appointments, get test results, update your contact/patient information and pay your bills online. Speak with one of our team members for how to gain access to your patient portal.

Can I buy skin care products at the practice?

Yes, we do carry select skin care items from industry-leading brands. Visit our practice for more information or give us a call for more information.

Where is your practice located?

If you are driving to your appointment, our parking garage entrance is located on Huron St., in between McClurg Ct. and Lake Shore Dr. We do validate two hours for $12. Our building is bordered by Huron St., McClurg Ct., Lake Shore Dr. and Erie St.

What is your parking situation?

We have street parking available. Again, we also have indoor covered parking in the building at a validated rate of $12 for two hours. Our practice is easily accessible by CTA buses and trains and by Metra.

What makes D+A Streeterville different from other dermatology clinics?

D+A Streeterville stands apart from other dermatology practices due to the vast variety of medical and cosmetic treatments and services offered by our providers. At D+A Streeterville, patients are offered treatments such as medical facials, DiamondGlow™, Botox, IPL, laser resurfacing and more! 

How should I prepare for my CoolSculpting® appointment?

CoolSculpting® treatment can be done in as little as 35 minutes and afterwards, you can return to your normal daily activities. However, before your appointment, here are some things to remember:  

  • Wear loose fitting clothes to improve your comfortability and allow for easy access to the treatment area. 
  • Eat a light meal and hydrate before your appointment. Try to avoid caffeine as bathroom breaks may be limited during treatment. 
  • Avoid using blood thinners before your treatment as these can increase the bruising experienced after your CoolSculpting® treatment. Tell your provider about all medications you are currently taking, including those that are over the counter. 
  • Bring something to do and keep yourself entertained during your treatment. This can include watching Netflix, reading a book or magazine, or playing on your phone. 
  • Avoid excess sun exposure and protect your treated skin from injuries that could make the area uncomfortable. 

What is the Vbeam Perfecta® laser?

The Vbeam Perfecta® laser is a type of pulse dye laser (PDL) used to treat blood vessels within the skin. The Vbeam Perfecta® stands out among other PDLs due to its advanced technology, ease of use and low incidence of side effects. This laser can treat a wide array of vascular, pigmented and non-pigmented legions on the skin. Conditions treated by the Vbeam Perfecta® include spider veins, port wine stains, acne scars, rosacea, and even wrinkles.  

Who should receive a medical facial?

Medical facials are for anyone! At D+A Streeterville, our medical facials are customized to match your specific skin concerns and skin type. Most patients find our medical facials to be great for pampering, while others rely on them to correct skin issues. Whatever your reason, you can trust your needs to be met with D+A Streeterville’s medical facials.  

But don’t just take our word, here is a testimonial from a patient: 

I admit I was not a firm believer of the effects a medical grade facial yielded until I experienced one for myself. I committed to one medical facial monthly for 3 consecutive months and I had never been so thrilled with how my skin appeared (and I have worked in a dermatology office or plastic surgeon office for the past 10 years). My skin was brighter, my texture was smooth, and my skin care products seemed to absorb more evenly which helped me to maintain my glow. I no longer perceive facials as just a pampering luxury. They are a crucial component to my skin regimen.” + NT, age 31 

Learn more about the customized medical facial process here. 

How often should I have laser resurfacing done?

The exact number of laser resurfacing treatments varies by your specific situation. Patients being treated for acne scarring will most likely need more treatments to see desired results. Whereas patients receiving laser resurfacing for fine lines and wrinkles may need fewer treatments. Always consult your doctor to find out what works best for your situation.

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